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Our Will Writer

Good Wills Amy Kwan

Founder and CEO

Amy Kwan is the founder and CEO of Good Wills. Being a qualified solicitor in both Queensland, Australia and Hong Kong, Amy holds extensive knowledge and experience in Will writing and consulting.


Over the past 10 years, Amy has focused her practice on 2 completely different areas, namely Wills & Estate and Corporate Law. After helping numerous private companies to go public, Amy realised that she enjoys direct client relationship more than B2B. Through her prior experience in handling estate dispute matters, not only that Amy realised the importance of having a Will, but also a Will that correctly reflects the deceased’s wishes and intention. It is her goal to change people’s perception about Will – a Will is not just something for the wealthiest or the eldest, it is a very useful tool that everyone should have. Therefore, she left the corporate world and founded Good Wills.

Amy has helped numerous clients in both Queensland and Hong Kong with different background and circumstances in drafting local Wills and Wills for other jurisdictions that best suit their personal needs. Being a consumer herself, Amy knows what a consumer is looking for from a service provider, she likes to think from the client’s perspective, and is endeavoured to provide the best and the most efficient service she possibly can. Together with the experience she gained over the years, Amy would make your Will-writing experience a pleasant and a personal one.

On a side note, Amy has been dancing since she was 4! To date, she still makes time to attend dancing class during her leisure time.  

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