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Allowing every person the right to have a say in where their assets should go and to let their love last - this is how and why Good Wills is founded.

In Asian countries like Hong Kong, perhaps due to the lack of public awareness and the influence of TV dramas, Will is generally seen as something that only the wealthiest or the eldest one requires. In fact, Will is not just a document you use to avoid estate dispute or solely for the distribution of assets, it enables you to achieve various other purposes, which you might not be aware before you read this, just to name a few – appoint guardian(s) for your minor children, make distribution not just for your assets that are of monetary value but also of sentimental value. It ensures that your hard-earned assets end up in the correct hands and not letting the law to dictate where they should go. Most importantly, it takes away the uncertainty and ease off the emotional stress of your loved ones when you are not around. That is why everyone should have one.


Wills that are not get done correctly are usually created from a traditional Will template with sections that are either redundant, irrelevant or in the worst case, completely ignoring the true needs and intention of the client.


That is why at Good Wills, we target to provide a Will that is tailored made to your needs and embracing it throughout your experience with us – we deeply and genuinely listen to your needs and wishes to ensure we achieve what our true belief is – a Will that let your love lasts.

Established in Hong Kong, we strive to provide the best Will writing and consulting services to our clients in the region. Whether your assets are all located in Hong Kong, or in multiple countries, we can discuss with you what arrangements might work best in your circumstances, we can provide you with a one-stop service at a competitive fixed price.

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