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Not sure if you need multiple Wills or whether one single Will can do the job? Speak to us

Will for other Jurisdictions

Do you have assets not only situated in Hong Kong, but in multiple countries? Are you an expat living in Hong Kong? When a person has assets in multiple countries, whether it is better to have (1) a single Will dealing with all the jurisdictions, (2) a separate Will for each jurisdiction, or (3) a separate Will for certain jurisdictions, depends on various factors – the testator’s situation and circumstances, his intent, and the relevant laws and requirements of the subject jurisdictions.


If it is decided that more than one Will is needed, it is critical that the Wills are carefully drafted to avoid accidentally revoking each other!


At Good Wills, we are happy to discuss with you to find out what approach would work best for you. Come and see us to find out how you can pass on your assets in the best possible way!

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