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“I’m not wealthy”, “I’m still young”, “everything would definitely go to my spouse/partner”, “not sure how much it would cost me to do a Will”, does any of these reasons or perhaps, excuses sound familiar to you? People often put off writing a Will due to various reasons including the above. Some people are aware that putting a Will in place is something that we all should do, however it just never gets to the top of their to-do-list.  


Just to give you an example, if you think that everything would definitely go to your ​spouse despite you have no Will, unfortunately, it may not be the case. The laws of intestacy decide who gets what based on various factors. In other words, there is uncertainty and you are not in control of where your assets would go. The only way to ensure your assets are protected and end up in your loved ones’ hands is to make a Will.  


We are happy to see that you have taken your first step by visiting our website, here, you can find out some basic information on Will and why you would need one regardless of what stage you are at in your life.


Make an appointment with us today so that your LOVE can LAST through a GOOD WILL. We can assure you that it's worth it!


If you aren’t too sure what a Will is or would like to find out more on what it does, please come and see us. We are happy to provide a complimentary and obligation free information session for you and you will be truly amazed with what a Will can do and be impressed with the level of services we offer here at Good Wills!

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